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Koenders windmills can be found aerating ponds all over the world, improving water quality for many different functions. In Cambodia you can find a Koenders Windmill helping two amazing missionaries finance their orphan home.

Bob and Christal Hollingsworth have been missionaries in Cambodia since 2003 and serve a church-based organization called FCOP that has rescued more than 18,000 orphaned and abandoned children since 1999. Bob and Christal spend most of their time on clean water solutions, automotive maintenance and repair, fish farms, and education. But their biggest focus is helping the children.

A Koenders windmill was shipped overseas in 2005 to aerate a sewage lagoon, but it was later moved to the Hollingsworth’s catfish pond at their orphan home. Their Catfish and Tilapia production finance the operation and the Koenders windmill has enabled them to grow production from 2,000 to 10,000 fish per year. 

Severe floods in Cambodia make fresh water a scarcity. In order to grow fish for food in Cambodia large man-made ponds are necessary. But it is difficult for the fish to survive in these essentially large tanks due to the lack of naturally occurring oxygen.

Cambodia pictures

This year the Hollingsworth’s windmill needed some maintenance, so they called Koender’s Water Solutions for help, and to ask about any other products that could help with an algae problem in their much smaller Tilapia tank.  Koender’s was so impressed by the Hollingsworth’s work that they donated parts to maintain the windmill and some Nature’s Pond Conditioner. 

Bob Hollingsworth“I don’t know of anything nowadays that can be installed and operate for 13 years without maintenance” said Bob about his Koenders Windmill.

“Our Koenders Windmill works in winds as low as 3-4 MPH and it is an important piece of equipment here at our home in Cambodia that we do not know what we would do without. 

We thank Koenders for their generous donations of Nature’s Pond Conditioner and Maintenance Parts for our windmill. We have a lot of algae, muck, and sludge built up from over the years and are looking forward to treating our other fish pond with these natural products.”

- Bob Hollingsworth


“We are privileged to be in a position to help this worthy cause and Koenders Water Solutions is humbled by the fact that our products can impact peoples lives in such a significant way.  We continue to search out groups that we can help as we have in this case”

- Doug Hicks, President and CEO, Koenders Water Solutions Inc.


You can follow Bob and Christal’s stories on their blog and find out how you can support their initiatives here:

For more information about FCOP, the charity Bob and Christal work with, check out their website here:

Know of a good cause in need of some help with water treatment? Koenders Water Solutions wants to help! Email us at to find out about how “Koenders gives for clean water”.

To find out about some of our other initiatives, learn how Koenders gives for clean water in India here: 

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