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Less water, fewer grapes and a growing need for an irrigation overhaul--  California’s four-year drought has left Napa Valley’s consumers as thirsty as its water-starved vines. Light rain, heavy water restrictions and a ban on new well-pumping have tested the resilience of almost every vineyard in the California area. Many vineyards, unwilling to rely solely on the state for water, have installed irrigation ponds to capture rainwater. calls irrigation ponds, ‘the wisest way to irrigate’ and deems them “as essential to wine country as the vines themselves.” When used correctly, ponds allow many vineyards to be “self-sufficient, collecting rainfall and subsurface seepage for all their irrigation,” plus, “they can also protect low-lying vineyards against frost.” While irrigation ponds solve a host of problems for grape growers, they can also create problems when they are not properly maintained.

CWSS the California Weed Science Society investigated the issues plaguing irrigation ponds and found that while ponds were necessary, many have “developed algae and weed problems that can clog drip emitters and sprinkler heads.” The journal also points out the aesthetic importance of irrigation ponds in what they call the vineyard experience noting that foul odors and excessive weed and algae growth will not provide the experience desired by vineyard visitors. These problems must be addressed, but routinely dredging pond bottoms with heavy machinery, or dousing the ponds with harmful chemicals are neither cost-effective, nor in keeping with the sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices espoused by the grape growing community. Grape growers are in need of an affordable, all-natural alternative-- We at Nature’s Pond Care have heard the needs of farmers and grape growers across the west coast and have put together a comprehensive, 3-step solution to irrigation pond maintenance:


Step 1: Nature’s Pond Conditioner

Studies have shown that introducing aerobic bacteria to a body of water helps breakdown pond-sludge and eliminate foul odours. Our Nature’s Pond Conditioner is a blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes, plant extracts and a food-grade pond dye that works to:


  • Create clean, clear and odour-free water

  • Reduce pond sludge and muck-- both of which contribute to water loss

  • Improve water quality with very little effort/maintenance

  • Keep your staff, wildlife and vines safe and chemical-free


Step 2: Koenders Bottom-Up Aeration Systems

Our bottom-up aerators are uniquely designed to increase oxygen levels and improve water circulation. Proper aeration provides many benefits to an irrigation pond including:


  • clean, healthy water

  • Reducing algae, weeds and pond sludge

  • Controlling insect larvae

  • Preventing stagnation


Bottom-up aeration is 5-10x more effective than surface aeration such as bubblers and fountains.


Step 3: Nature’s Pond Cutter N’ Rake

Removing dead vegetation is an important step in pond maintenance. Prevent organic sludge buildup and increased fertility rate due to decomposing organic matter by cutting and raking out weeds and leaves.

Nature’s Pond Cutter N’ Rake tool is and all-in-one tool that includes two interchangeable cutter and rake heads on a lightweight 11ft long handle. A detachable flotation tube allows the user to skim the surface of the pond with minimal effort.


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For Further Reading: 

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Nature's Pond™ 3-Step Natural Pond Care Program


Our All-in-One Pond Conditioner is simply the most effective, natural product on the market for achieving clean, clear, and healthy water.


Increase oxygen levels with Bottom-Up Aeration. It's a safe, natural and sustainable way to keep your pond or lake healthy and balanced.


Introducing Nature's Pond Cutter 'N' Rake, a 3-in-1 tool that cuts weeds and pulls and rakes them out of your water for good.