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Nature’s Pond powered by Koenders Water Solutions is committed to the environment using sustainable and safe approaches to cleaning water naturally. Our vision is to help save the planet’s water Nature’s Way and it has taken on a whole new and exciting challenge.








In 2017, we deployed the Nature’s Pond Care program in India.

India is a country of over 1.3 billion people, residing in 27 states, and thousands of villages within each state. The country is in a state of crisis; with over 75 million of its population living without access to clean water [1].  

The water availability has been declining rapidly due to the increase in population and late adoption of new technology [2][3]. A large percentage of surface water is contaminated and unusable due to more than half the population practicing open defecation and inadequate waste treatment facilities [2]. Most municipalities in the country rely on ground water for drinking and irrigation. As a result, India uses more ground water than China and the United States combined, and ground water levels are declining rapidly [2]. 




In North America when sewage is treated it is pumped through pipes underground from people’s houses to sewage treatment plants or lagoons. In India, most cities have been adopting similar technologies. However, in villages a majority of the population’s sewage is open and fed by gravity into ponds or in more advanced cases sewage lagoons. In India, where sewage treatment plants are in place, open sewage troughs are used to transport waste from houses to facilities. With open sewage everywhere, the opportunities for contamination present many dangers.

Currently India only has the capacity to treat 30% of the household waste that it produces, the rest is released into open drains or straight into the ground [4]. Even in urban cities like Delhi, where 90% of households are equipped with indoor toilets, most of the waste is flushed into the rivers that supply cities downstream with drinking water [4].

Without clean water, the death toll keeps rising annually due to the increased cases of water born diseases such as Malaria, Diarrhoea, and Typhoid fever.

There are several water initiatives in place by the current Federal and several State Governments to replenish shrinking ground water resources and to clean up India. There are also numerous independents and charities working on clean water initiatives; but some of them are as ineffective as building more wells, which actually makes India’s ground water problems even worse.

Koenders Water Solutions is proud to support India’s initiatives and has set out to help improve the lives of millions of people in this country.

Here we are working with one of the villages near New Delhi on a project that we helped finance by providing Nature’s Pond Treatments and Koenders Windmill Aeration systems. By deploying the Nature’s Pond Care program, we can help clean up many of these village ponds in a safe, affordable and effective way.  The windmills use the power of the wind and do not cost the villages anything to operate. Furthermore, these windmills are designed to last over 20 years with very little maintenance and no motors that tend to burn out on a regular basis.  This innovative windmill technology with over 100,000 installations around the world makes operating cost very affordable and attractive for the villages, while at the same time being dependable and reliable.  

What is so amazing about this product is that it is cleaning and repurposing contaminated surface water; not depleting any ground water resources. By using aeration and natural pond treatments the breakdown process is faster and more efficient, which can increase capacity of a treatment facility over time for little cost. The water can then be repurposed to use for farming and even fish production.

Within months of our technology deployments we are seeing positive results in the water bodies that we are treating.

  • appalling odors have disappeared within weeks,
  • clarity of water is improving dramatically thus reducing mosquito breeding,
  • water cleanliness is improving
  • sludge and muck levels have reduced
  • total suspended solids (TSS) has improved dramatically
  • BOD/COD reductions have been measured and show noticeable reductions in test results

Koenders Windmill aeration systems work by using the power of the wind to turn the blades and push oxygen down into the bottom of the pond water where oxygen transfer rates (OTE Rates) are the most effective.  Its unique design does not use motors to generate the air compression but instead is based on a 30-year-old proven technology, in almost 100,000 ponds. These windmills do not require much wind to push oxygen into the water.  Winds as low as 3-5 MPH can generate sufficient oxygen transfer rates. You can see in the video below how effectively the windmill is aerating in low extremely low winds.   


Now that we have sufficient oxygen in the water we can then introduce special blends of bacteria and enzymes that require oxygen to live longer and replicate effectively. These blends go to work at breaking down organic matter and consuming nutrients in the water that cause pond pollution and stagnation. 

During this process, we deploy a team that use our Cutter N Rakes to remove unwanted aquatic vegetation, garbage, and other debris from the water.

We are deploying the same program that we use to clean the ponds in North America the only difference is the water we are treating and clearing up in India is much dirtier and more contaminated.

Together with our in-country partner we will ensure that the equipment is installed, maintained and Nature’s Pond treatments are followed as per recommended treatment schedules. 

For more information on how you can get involved contact us at









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