Nature's Pond Care by Koenders Water Solutions Inc.


Koenders Water Solutions Inc. 30th Year Anniversary - 100,000 Customers Milestone - Leading the Industry in Natural Pond Care Treatments and Energy Efficient Aeration Equipment

Koenders Water Solutions Inc. innovated windmill aeration back in 1988 and since then has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of Natural Pond Care Equipment and Treatments in North America with over 100,000 customers. Koenders is focused and passionate about the environment and providing its customers with cost effective natural solutions for “Saving the Planet’s Water Nature’s Way”. 

Word of Mouth is Koenders Water Solutions’ best form of advertisement – customer feedback and testimonials are received daily from all over the world. One only needs to read the 100’s of customer feedback and testimonials Koenders Water Solutions receives from its customers to know that they are on the right track.

“We own a ¾ acre dugout between 12-15 ft deep and our horses drank from it for years. In addition, we used the dugout for house utilities water. The water became stagnated, murky and dirty with a lot of sludge on the bottom. It smelled very badly and would give the house a foul odor. 

In 2011, we installed one of your company’s Dual Diaphragm Windmill Aeration Systems and a few years later started bi-annual treatments of Nature’s Pond Conditioner. The only thing we have had to do with the windmill in 7 years is recently change out the diaphragms which we were told would be necessary every 5-7 years. The combination of this natural treatment and bottom up aeration was the key to improving our water quality. The dugout water is clear and there is no more smell. All the muck and sludge has disappeared, Nature’s Pond Care program is the only thing that we have ever tried that really works!” -George Fortier, Grand Prairie, Alberta

Koenders Water Solutions Inc. got their start back in 1988 manufacturing a wide range of Windmill Aeration Systems both on Uni-Pole and Lattice tower designs with heights starting at 12 FT and going as high as 24 FT and is by far the largest manufacture of these products in the world.   With over 80,000 Windmill aeration systems installed and having a brand presence on every continent, these products are symbols for change. The change they are impacting is the way people such as farmers and ranchers, fish and recreational pond owners, golf courses and municipalities, Industry and Commercial businesses and people in general care for earth’s fresh water resources!

Koenders also manufactures a range of energy efficient “bottom up” electric aeration systems for those customers whose ponds, dugouts and/or sewage lagoons are surrounded by trees or do not have any wind in their area.

For decorating ponds Koenders offers an energy efficient fountain with and without lights but will not market fountains as aeration systems for the oxygen transfer rate is so low that they prefer to classify fountains as decorative pond equipment and will explain this to customers when they are asked about fountains.

Koenders Windmills operate in extremely low winds and 3rd party studies have shown that their windmills work in winds as low as 3 MPH, producing up to 8 X more oxygen than other brands on the market. So even in low winds these windmill aeration systems are providing oxygen to the water.

Koenders Water Solutions innovated the first pond conditioner back in 2007. Spring and Summer and Fall/Winter formula to compliment its aeration equipment, providing customers with an alternative to using harsh chemicals to treat pond problems.

Innovating the first ALL - IN - ONE natural pond treatment, the Original Pond Conditioner, “Nature’s Pond Conditioner”, used to treat thousands of dugouts and ponds around the world. Safe for fish, crops, animals, people and the environment. Visit to learn more.

Koenders Water Solutions continues to educate and provide the world with environmentally friendly ways and products to improve water quality and reduce water pollution.
Koenders Water Solutions designed Nature’s Pond, Plumbing Septic and Sewage 4 IN ONE blend to reduce organic waste in septic and sewage and limit the amount of polluted discharge from industrial, municipal and residential waste. This product is now being used for reducing odors and organic waste in household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers as an alternative to corrosive chemicals. Its even being used in restaurant grease traps and kitchen sinks to break down and metabolize fats oils and greases that otherwise block up plumbing systems.

Koenders Water Solutions Inc also launched an ALL-SURFACE-CLEANER that works on all surfaces indoors and out and is also anti-corrosive and non-toxic. Soaps and cleaners are a massive polluter of our fresh water resources and this is just one more product that Koenders Water Solutions offers to its customers to reduce their impact on the environment.

Koenders Water Solutions has grown to be much more than a manufacturer of windmill aeration systems; however, it is certainly their flag ship product that has made them famous around the world. Now in their Gen 6 Version of the product it is seen as a symbol for sustainability and continues to grow in adoption rate.


Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation


Koenders builds products that last.

In 1989 we purchased our first Koenders windmill which was installed to aerate our fish pond that we had dug out a year earlier. This windmill has worked so well that we even bought another one off a fellow that had installed one of these windmills in the middle of a forest. He told me that it did not work very well. I explained to him that you need it to catch the wind in order for it to work well and that the middle of the forest is not such a great place to have a windmill installed.

So I ended up with two of these windmills aerating my fish pond and we have never had any issues with the water. The fish have always stayed healthy and we have never had a fish kill! Our Koenders windmills have been working amazing and they just keep running like a champ. The only maintenance that we have done is simply changed the diaphragms on them every 7-10 years. I will stand behind your products no matter what. They last forever!!

Thanks for the great service and support over the years. Your team is knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about what you do.

Tom Rowe
Britton, MI


Valued customers for 30 years

From its humble beginnings one thing that Koenders does better than anyone is customer service. Loyal customers have shown their appreciation in the form of heartfelt testimonials for over 30 years. Here are some from back in the day when people still handwrote notes and used fax machines!


Stunning Results from Customers over the Years

Here are some of Koenders best photos submitted by customers of their windmills in action and pond care results.
“we just love our windmill – during Christmas we had it all lit up. We’ve had many people stop and take pictures. The sunsets at our place are beautiful so we can hardly wait to get some summer pictures of them.” Joan Fetterly, Kemptville, ON

Here are some pics of my 1/2acre pond right now still in the middle of doing the landscaping around it. I've been following your schedule with the pond conditioner and the water quality has been great and no fish kills yet even with the hot spell we are having. - Blair Meyers, Mitchell MB



I love the new product for our pond, the water is clear to the bottom. It looks as blue in sponts as the Caribbean.” Glenda Wiedeman,


I have a small landscaping business and one of my customers asked me If I would help them get rid of all the duckweed in the pond, as they have a really nice house and well-kept yard, except for the pond their pond that was completely covered in duckweed. They had several things could not find anything that would clear it up and keep it clear, not to mention the rotten egg smell that came from it.

I spoke with one of pond consultants at Koenders Water Solutions Inc., at which time he had asked a lot of questions about the pond in order to determine the best method to treat it. He called it the 3-step plan, which includes: aerations, removal (pond rake) and their Nature's Pond Conditioner.

We started the 3 step program in Sept 2017, completely covered by duckweed as you can see in the pictures I have provided (only open where the aeration bubbles come up) and approx. 2 month later the pond is almost completely clear, the owner says too, rotten egg smell is gone and that the water has never been clearer, he is very happy with the results, which reflects well on me as his landscaper. He now plans to add fish in the spring. - Jeff Eckhardt

The Windmill Aeration system works Flawlessly and as you can see our water is clean and clear just as promised. My wife is very happy as well and she really likes the windmill colors that we chose.  The whole project adds so much to the aesthetics of our property. - Joe Touchstone, Broken Bow OK




I am so impressed with the significant changes your products have made to the quality of my little fishing hole. I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am with the results since installing our windmill and began using Nature’s Pond Conditioner. Instead of an old beat up dugout we now have a spectacular beach that the whole family enjoys! I would recommend your product to anyone, anytime. – Dave Kissack. 


The Customers we serve

Koenders serves several different types of customer segments. From farmers and property owners to golf courses and municipalities, Koenders products are designed to fit everyone’s unique needs.

City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa is proud of one of its most noteworthy parks, Andrew Hayden Park. Andrew Haydon Park is a relatively large Ottawa park, stretching for roughly a kilometer in its longest dimension – east north-east to west south-west by roughly 300 meters across stretching between Carling Avenue and the Ottawa River. The park includes multiple streams and two interior ponds one of which is close to 2 acres in size and a true landmark of the park.

The ponds are an important feature of the park and they play host to such things as radio-controlled model sailboat trials and races, family BBQs around the water, recreational games and sunbathing, and children play on the structures that have been installed for their enjoyment.

Its so important to keep these ponds healthy and clean. We get a lot of leaves, bird waste, fertilizer, grass clippings and other run off into these bodies of water and its important that we have an environmentally friendly program to keep them healthy and clean.

We chose to work with Koenders Water Solutions Inc and have been following their Nature's Pond Care program for the last few years with outstanding results. First, we installed one of their windmill aeration systems which has been a really nice feature of the park.

We also treat the pond with Nature's pond products which our manufactured by Koenders Water Solutions Inc. These treatments ensure that there is very little sludge build up and they keep the water clean and clear. There are no smelly odors coming from the water and with the clear water we are reducing mosquitoes in the area.
I really noticed how the leaves that used to accumulate all around the edges of the pond are now just broken down and chewed up by our pond care program. Its been a real pleasure working with Koenders and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

Gene LeClair
Parks, Bldg & Grounds Ops Mtce (Core Parks Infrastructure)
City of Ottawa, Canada


Red Rock Country Club -- Mountain Course

"Our #10 lake is 140 yards long by 40 yards wide and 14ft deep. The pond was stagnant and would turnover twice a year. The water became murky and released an awful sulfur odor that travelled miles away. Dozens of complaints from neighboring homeowners forced us to find a solution to our pond problem. We tried chlorine, we tried sulfuric acid, but the pond quickly reverted to a murky, smelly mess. We even tried to drain the lake and refill with fresh water which brought on more complaints as the disgusting water travelled through the storm drains.

Finally, at the 2015 turf industry show we were introduced to Doug Hicks from Koender’s Water Solutions Inc. We purchased Nature’s Pond HD-450, a ‘bottom-up’ aeration system, Nature’s Pond Conditioner, and a food grade dye. We buried the aeration unit by our nearest irrigation clock and ran airlines through a shallow trench to the lake. The ability to run airline was both cheaper and safer than running electrical cable to the pond. Once we had the air successfully circulating through the lake, we added the first application of Nature’s Pond Conditioner -- Ultra Concentrate. We poured the concentrate directly over each diffuser and allowed it to work itself through the lake. Now, 21 days later the smell is completely gone, the water is clear, and we see further into the lake than ever before. We also see signs of life, as tiny tadpoles have appeared along our pond edges. After a successful installation and seeing first-hand the difference the HD 450 aerator and Nature’s Pond Conditioner made on my pond, I give my full recommendation to any Golf Course Supers to try Nature’s Pond Care Program. Renew your pond with Nature’s Pond Conditioner and Revive it with Nature’s Pond HD-450 ‘bottom-up aeration’ - powered by Koenders Water Solutions. It really works!!"

George Folopoulos
Golf Superintendant
Las Vegas, Nevada


“I own a cattle farm with several hundred head of cattle in southern Alberta. We have two large watering ponds that we use for winter watering. We need to ensure this water is kept clean so that our cattle do not get sick or even die. This summer there was a case of 200 cattle dead from drinking bad water in Saskatchewan it reminds us of the importance of making sure our watering ponds are safe for our cattle. To ensure this does not happen on our farm we chose the Nature’s Pond Care program. Our ponds are now much clearer and the water that we pump up from the ponds through the water troughs is not it late in the winter. Since following this program, we do not have these issues anymore. – Brad Osadczuk


Koenders Worldwide

Koenders mission is “saving the planet’s water, nature’s way” so it only makes sense that they have windmills all over the globe. From Ukraine to Tanzania, Koenders continues to expand its reach and impact. Last year they piloted the Nature’s Pond program in India, to see if they could help clean some of the dirtiest water in the world.

Within months of our technology deployments we are seeing positive results in the water bodies that we are treating, such as:

  • appalling odors have disappeared within weeks,
  • clarity of water is improving dramatically thus reducing mosquito breeding,
  • water cleanliness is improving
  • sludge and muck levels have reduced
  • total suspended solids (TSS) has improved dramatically
  • BOD/COD reductions have been measured and show noticeable reductions in test results

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