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Around the world, fresh water resources grow to be a major concern for our planets existence.  Recent studies conducted by Gallup Poll have shown, that of the thousands of North Americans surveyed, the top two environmental concerns pertain to fresh water resources. Dramatically changing weather patterns, increased carbon dioxide levels, and rising sea levels, are all putting a strain on earth’s fresh water sources. And nutrient pollution of water grows to be an epidemic problem around the world.

Farmers around the world know better than anyone else that the effects of climate change are a harsh reality. Climate change is making seasons and weather patterns unpredictable; with droughts affecting regions one year and floods destroying the very same regions the next, its difficult for farmers to defend against.  Increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere along with rising temperatures are causing pest outbreaks, overgrowth of weeds, and risk of disease. Heat waves are resulting in livestock death and all of these factors that are putting a strain on the world’s food supply that farmers are busy providing for.  Many people don’t realize that they are affected by climate change every day when they go to the grocery store and the prices of food are fluctuating up and down depending on the weather in places they have never heard of.

Water resources are under significant strain from the environment and from the effects of nutrient pollution, caused by poor water management practices. Traditional approaches are creating a toxic cycle in which phosphorus, a common nutrient found in fertilizer enters the body of water from animal waster, crop and soil runoff. The phosphorus levels cause an overgrowth of weeds and algae that needs to be managed. A traditional approach would be to use herbicides and algicides, harsh chemical based products to eradicate the algae and weed problem. But in reality, all that those chemicals do are kill the aquatic vegetation, which then sink to the bottom to decay, creating a sediment of muck and sludge that pollutes the water further, depleting oxygen from the water and adding even more nutrient load to an already suffering body of water.  

New and sustainable practices are working to break this cycle with the use of all natural products to revive our planets fresh water and address climate change. Nature’s Pond powered by Koender’s Water Solutions has a proven solution to these fresh water challenges we face around the world, and is working to improve the worlds water the natural way. In North America, we are working with rain collection companies who are designing systems to capture water in drought prone areas such like Texas, Oklahoma, and California. In addition to working with large companies to address these issues we are working directly with independent farmers, the people on the front lines of water and climate change issues, to collect their own rain water with the use of dugouts. We are also working with farmers around the world to ensure that this water can be stored, maintained and used for irrigation, livestock, recreation and even fish growing.

For bodies of water that already exist and are suffering from overloads of nutrient pollution, stuck in a cycle that seems unfixable, our products can help. We work with bodies of water around the world, from sewage lagoons to recreational ponds our three-step process to renew, revive, and remove has worked with thousands of ponds time and again with Nature’s Pond customers.   


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