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With 1000's of electric aeration systems in the field and customers who have been using them for decades, Koenders Water Solutions has designed their latest generation of electric aeration systems with real life feedback and reliable statistics. Listed below are a few key advantages of these electric aeration systems which has aided Koenders Water Solutions in becoming a leading brand in the sewage and pond aeration market. 

HD Electric Housing Units

Koenders designed its housing units out of a high-density Polyethylene material so that the units that house our motors are RUST, ROT and CORROSION FREE. At the same time the material provides water resistant and light weight characteristics. 

This housing unit design is now over 20 years old and has been created in a specific way to keep constant airflow circulating through the housing. This keeps the compressors from burning out pre-maturely in hot summer temperatures while providing enough heat during the freezing cold winters to ensure it operates smoothly.   

This material was chosen over heavier metal designs such as aluminum powder-coated and steel cabinetry because aluminum tends to dent, rust, and corrode quite easily leading to leakage, overheating and motor burn outs. This is such a big issue with manufacturers that some companies that have chosen to go with this lower cost alternative and offer outlandish warranties that are simply unrealistic and mere marketing ploys. For example, if your compressor has burnt out do you care about a lifetime warranty on the cabinet? 

HD Compressor Design

Koenders design team worked with the engineers from one of the world's leaders in compressor technology, Thomas Compressors (a division of Denver Gardner) for almost 2 years testing a selection of compressors which would be used in our line of electric aeration product.

These compressors have been modified to work in very hot and cold climates and customized for Koenders' design requirements.  We have worked with Thomas Compressors and its engineering partners on these modifications so that these models will work reliably in extreme temperatures from 40 below right up to plus 40.  In addition, these compressors are proven and tested to work under constant pressure loads. This is the case with bottom-up aeration, where aeration starts at the bottom of the water body and rises up through the water column as opposed to surface aeration that only aerates the top 1 ft of the water column. 

Additional compressor features and advantages that add to the HD design advantage in reliability, performance and reduced noise levels of operation: 

  • Oil-less operation
  • Permanently lubricated bearings for optimum life
  • Stainless steel valves for longevity, consistent performance and corrosion resistance
  • Die-cast aluminum components for strength, light weight and durability
  • Dynamically balanced for low operating vibration and noise
  • Incorporated the WOB-L Technology Design for longer lasting compression by a fixed piston inside cylinder
  • Thermally protected motor for fail-safe operation
  • Inlet filter for quiet and clean operation
  • Ventilation Fan for air circulation and cooling
  • Designed and tested to UL, CSA standards

Koenders Electric Aeration System's Proven Track Record – Reliability Statistics

Koenders Electric Aeration Systems were introduced into the market in the early 1990s.   The former product which was named "Koenders EL2" used the same housing design as our current HD line of products (only difference is that they were red!) There were over 25,000 EL2s sold and installed between the 1990s and 2014.  Customers today still have these units aerating their ponds with little to no maintenance. The warranty rate on these units were less than 1%.

Between 2014 and now there has been several thousand HD units sold and installed in North America and reliability statistics are just as impressive as our EL2 stats.  We are tracking well below industry standards at far less than a 1 % warranty rate for these systems which is reassuring for all our future customers.  

For more information about Koenders Electric Aeration Click Here.    


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