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Here at Nature’s Pond we get a lot of testimonials from customers about how our products have helped their ponds. But this time we received something exceptional. Tom, a Nature’s Pond customer has shared his story with us about his journey to solve his immense pond problem.


Two years ago, my wife and I built our dream home in Nevada, Texas. We worked on the plans of our home for twenty years until we had it just the way we wanted it. Due to the grace of the Lord after raising two children, surviving several "ups and downs" and not killing each other, we finally realized our dream but, there was one problem... Where do we build it?

We really wanted a piece of property that had a body of water on it. Something not too big but, we're not swimming pool people so, it had to be natural. After searching for a few months, we found it! An acre lot with a pond in the back yard. We were set.

A year later we moved into our new home and things were so good my daughter decided she wanted to have her wedding there. So off to work we went getting things ready. The wedding was great and everyone who attended love it and couldn't stop talking about the pond. When it was over we knew we'd enjoy the rest of our lives here. A year after that, in November of 2016, I started noticing "green stuff" on the edges of the pond. I should have mentioned before that although we wanted a pond, we just assumed it was water in a hole and what could go wrong, right? After some research, I found out the problem had a name... "ALGAE!" So, I set out to find a cure… if there was one.  

I looked, read, and talked to everyone I could about this issue. Every website and everyone I talked to at those websites, were just order takers. I never got the feeling any of them knew what they were talking about, or for that matter, cared about my issue. They just needed to sell me something. Oh, and believe me everything they were selling would, without a doubt fix the issue, NO PROBLEM. Because my mother raised me the way she did, I will refrain from using the language I learned from others... That was it! I came very close to deciding the problem was too big and we'll have to re-think our future here.

At my wits end I decided to sit down one more time and that's when I came across "". While reading everything on the website I realized, this was a program, a process, a method if you will, to eliminate the problem. So, I filled out the contact form and sent it in. To my great surprise I got a return call in ten minutes from one of your Pond Consultants, and he started by saying "tell me about your pond." More surprising we had a real conversation for more than twenty minutes. He told me what I wanted to hear. It'll take time, effort and money to fix the problem but, if you follow the instructions, install what is necessary and purchase what is required, your problem will be solved.

I ordered what I needed and my Pond Consultant gave me the number for tech support if I would happen to need it. I did call support once with what were, I'm sure, pretty standard questions. The support person was great! Very patient and very knowledgeable and put my mind at ease.

I couldn't be happier with the results! In ten days, my pond went from ugly, smelly and down right unappealing. To brighter, clearer and looking like better days are right around the corner. Simply this plan works. Oh yeah, it'll cost you some money and you'll have to put forth some effort but, there is a great payoff for that.

I can't thank y'all enough for giving our pond back to us! The fact is without this solution our life with a pond would have been lost. Y'all not only fixed our issue but, for the most part y'all saved our property and in turn that saved our future here. But, you won't be getting rid of me that easy... I will be sending one-month and three-month pictures as soon as I get them!

Thank you so much for not only having the cure but, taking the time to listen and help me with this. I will be forever grateful.

Sincerely, your customer for life,

Tom James

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