Nature's Pond Care by Koenders Water Solutions Inc.

Nature's Pond™

Pond Care Program

You want peace of mind knowing that you are caring for your pond the right way, with minimal effort, while protecting the environment. It matters to you that all of the products and ingredients used to care for your water are safe for people, pets, plants, birds, livestock and wildlife.

Nature’s Pond™ products and programs help enhance the natural beauty of your pond as well as provide clean and healthy water for livestock, birds, waterfowl and fish.

To keep your pond water crystal clear, Nature's Pond™ offers you the products to do so, including Nature's Pond Conditioner, Nature’s Pond Aeration and Nature's Pond Cutter 'N' Rake.

Providing you with an All Natural Pond Care program:  Renews – Revives – Removes to:

  • Create clean, clear water
  • Remove algae and weeds
  • Reduce pond sludge and odors
  • Be safe for people, pets, plants, fish, birds, livestock and wildlife

Nature's Pond Care Program

Overview & Application

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3 Step Program

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Nature's Pond™ 3-Step Natural Pond Care Program


Our All-in-One Pond Conditioner is simply the most effective, natural product on the market for achieving clean, clear, and healthy water.


Increase oxygen levels with Bottom-Up Aeration. It's a safe, natural and sustainable way to keep your pond or lake healthy and balanced.


Introducing Nature's Pond Cutter 'N' Rake, a 3-in-1 tool that cuts weeds and pulls and rakes them out of your water for good.