Nature's Pond Care by Koenders Water Solutions Inc.

Decorative Fountains

A crystal clear pond is something to be proud of! Whether you’re a five star golf course, or a homeowner with a backyard fish pond, a Nature’s Pond Decorative Fountain is the perfect finishing touch to a clean and healthy pond. 


Nature's Pond Care Fountain

For years, Nature’s Pond Care, powered by Koenders Water Solutions, has provided natural, eco-friendly solutions to pond problems. Our all-natural, 3-step program, including industry-leading aeration systems and our revolutionary Nature’s Pond Conditioner, has helped pond owners, golf courses and municipalities across the globe, achieve clean, clear water-- naturally. Now, Nature’s Pond invites you to transform your healthy pond into a serene oasis with one of our decorative fountains!

Enjoy incredible features, such as: 

  • Four nozzle set, with four different display patterns
  • 12-14 ft high, up to 25ft wide spray
  • Rugged, 2-outlet, outdoor timer 
  • 50' of anchor line
  • LOW operating cost ($.05-$0.11/hour)





For evening ambience, choose a Nature's Pond Decorative Fountain with lighting!

Our lighted fountains include all of the benefits of our regular Nature's Pond Decorative Fountain Packages, PLUS: 

  • Three ultra-bright, halogen bulbs.
  • Three complete color lens sets (four colors each, RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN)
  • Easy installation guide

Whether you're lighing up the course from your golf course restaurant, or illuminating your backyard pond, our Nature's Pond Lighted Decorative Fountains add the perfect touch of luxury to your pond. 





Like all of our Nature’s Pond Products, our Decorative Fountains are designed to be durable and long-lasting. We have sourced the highest-quality materials and work with the best manufacturers North America has to offer. We know that a fountain is only as good as it’s parts. We go above and beyond to ensure that your fountains works for years to come


All of our Nature’s Pond products are designed to be energy efficient, including our Decorative Fountains. We have established a standard, efficient ½ horsepower motor that maintains low operating costs; between $.07 and $.12 cents per hour. The included outdoor timer ensures that your fountain is only running when you want it to!


Nature’s Pond has served all kinds of customers with all kinds of ponds, so we know the importance of being versatile! Because of our superior materials and manufacturing, our fountains thrive in many different environments. From golf course ponds, to effluent ponds, to fish farms and swimming holes, you can rest assured knowing our fountains are right for you!


There’s nothing worse than going to set something up without all the necessary parts. Our fountains sold as complete fountain sets, including everything you need to set up, and run your Nature’s Pond Decorative Fountain. We include a timer, 100’ power cord, 50’ of durable anchor line, four nozzles, high-grade screen filter and durable outer housing.


 To order, please call 877-888-7707, or email:


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