Nature's Pond Care by Koenders Water Solutions Inc.

Nature's Pond Dye

Enhance the colour of your pond water between Nature's Pond Conditioner treatments

Renew with Nature’s Pond Dye™

Enhance the colour of your pond water with Nature's Pond Dye.

Nature's Pond Dye is manufactured from technical equivalents of Food, Drug and Cosmetic (FD&C) grade dyes.  When used as directed they are safe for fish, livestock, irrigation, wildlife and other industrial uses. This product contains NO harmful chemical or residual metals that may negatively impact the environment. We believe in taking care of your water naturally, and this product is no exception.

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How It Works

Aside from concentration of pigments, color type and quality of product ingredients, the effectiveness of all pond dyes depend on many factors and variables. There are individual preferences and also certain key factors that dictate the amount of pond dye and frequency of treatment.  Through years of experience working with 1000’s of pond owners we have detailed out what is seen to be the best starting application rate for Nature's Pond Dye.

Factors such as length of time pond dye lasts, the amount used per treatment and frequency of treatments depends in many cases on:

  • Individual water color preference
  • Flow rates of water (in and out)
  • Climate, region and time of year
  • Depth of pond
  • Use of the pond water
  • Other water treatments being used

Clean, Clear Water Naturally

Nature's Pond Dye works best when alternating with treatments of Nature's Pond Conditioner. Alternating Nature’s Pond Conditioner and Nature's Pond Dye, combined with bottom-up aeration, is the most effective program to keep water clean and clear. This program made up of 100% natural products allows you to easily manage the health and water quality of your pond.  

Earth Friendly & Safe

All of Nature’s Pond products are safe for people and safe for the environment including, pets, birds, fish and wildlife.

To learn more about Nature's Pond Dye, download our Product Information Sheet here.

Nature's Pond Dye

Nature’s Pond™
Nature's Pond Dye

Using a blended mix of pigments, this pond dye will produce an overcast natural deep color. Unlike other dyes on the market, Nature's Pond Dye produces a darker, rich, more genuine appearance that will complement the landscape and terrain. Not only are all our products eco-friendly, we want them to look all-natural too!

Benefits of Nature’s Pond Dye:

  • All-natural blend of technical equivalent of FD&C dyes
  • Contains no harmful chemicals or residual metals
  • Helps keep your pond looking clean
  • Enhances natural color of water
  • Easy to apply - just dilute and pour it in according to directions
  • Transforms your pond quickly and effectively
  • All-natural and safe for people, pets, birds, fish, livestock and wildlife
  • Can be used in coordination Nature's Pond Conditioner

1 Gallon / 4L treats up to 4 Acre Feet (1 acre, 4 feet deep)

2.5 Gallons / 10L treats up to 10 Acre Feet (2.5 acres, 4 feet deep)
5 Gallons / 20L treats up to 20 Acre Feet (5 acres, 4 feet deep)

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