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Koenders Solar Aeration Systems

No Wind? Let the Sun Help!

Revive with Koenders Solar Aeration Systems

No Wind? Try Koenders Solar Aeration System DC 200!

Koenders Solar Aeration System is an energy-efficient, cost-effective option for introducing oxygen into ponds where electric or windmill aeration is not a possibility. A solar aerator is ideal for remote locations where there are no electrical hook-ups available, or for the environmentally-conscious consumer who is looking for ways to minimize their ecological footprint and their monthly energy bills. This custom-designed unit offers the highest price/performance and reliability in its category. 

The DC 200 system is designed to be most effective in water depths of up to 12 feet.

Bottom-Up Aeration 

By pumping a consistent flow of oxygen through the water body Koenders Solar Aeration Systems promote healthy aerobic activity for fish and pond life. The bottom-up oxygenation (aeration) process also provides a source of oxygen that fuels Nature’s Pond Conditioner’s enzymes and bacteria which helps it consume excess nutrients, fish droppings, fertilizers, leaves and other organic matter that builds up as pond sludge which increases unwanted nutrient levels in the water body.

  • Reduces algae blooms and their frequency and deters weed growth
  • Eliminates pond odors by venting off harmful gases
  • Reduces fish kill by dissolving increased levels of oxygen in the water when the fish need it most
  • Enhances the benefits of  Nature’s Pond Conditioner

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