Nature's Pond Care by Koenders Water Solutions Inc.

A Common Sense Guide to Pond Maintenance

By Steve Fender of Fender's Fish Hatchery

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"Our ducks are safe from coyotes and we have more ducks in the area than ever before!" -- David Stone, Vandalia, IL


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Steve Fender-- Pond Expert and Owner of Fender's Fish Hatchery, one of the largest fish hatcheries in the mid-west with hundreds of acres of farm ponds under managment. Steve has been giving pond maintenance advice for over three decades and has thousands of customers who rely on his advice to keep thier ponds clean and fish healthy. 

"Healthy ponds are like lawns and gardens; you have to maintain them to keep them healthy. [This e-book] is a simple way that I can educate farm pond owner on the ways... to keep your pond healthy and clean, naturally, without the use of potencially harmful pond chemicals."

Steve Fender-- Fender's Fish Hatchery          

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Revive your pond with no operating costs! 

We have been using your Koenders Windmill Aeration System to revive our pond for over 15 years. Before that we were getting some severe fish kills and so we decided to purchase this windmill, as it does not require electricity to run it.

Since installing this aeration system we have never had a fish kill.  The fish are very healthy and we have some pretty big fish now living in our 1/2 acre fish pond.   The pond is stocked with Small and Large Mouth Bass, Catfish, Crappie and Bluegill.

The windmill has been maintenance free for all this time.  The only thing that we have done is greased the swivel head once every few years. This has been a great way for us to keep our fish healthy and revive our pond with $0 operating costs for over 15 years.    This year we invested in a maintenance repair kit for the windmill that was less than $80.  I am happy with that!!

James Corbett,
 Laurelville, OH


My pond is so clear and clean we can see right to the bottom!

Your Nature's Pond Care 3 step program has been doing an incredible job of keeping our 20 FT deep, 1-acre fish pond clean and clear. 8 years ago we installed a Koenders Water Solutions Single Diaphragm Windmill.  The windmill has been working extremely well and we have not had a fish kill since it was installed. The windmill just keeps going all year round - pumping air into the pond using the power of the wind! It’s nice to have no electricity bills. 

3 years ago we starting using annual treatments of Nature's Pond Conditioner. One year we did 2 treatments because of the nutrient load in our water, but traditionally because we are in a colder state so one 5-gallon treatment seems to do the job.   It has been eating away at all the sludge and muck as well as consuming any of the additional run off that accumulates in the pond.

This winter we were ice fishing and we could see to the bottom of the pond; this was at about 15 feet deep.  We have blue gill, walleye, crappie, bass, and perch in the pond and its important we not only keep our water clean but also keep the fish healthy and we do this by using your natural pond care program.   My favorite fish to catch are the walleye and they are growing to about 18 inches in size. 

This year we purchased one of your cutter N Rakes so that we can remove some weeds in the shallow areas of the pond.  We have decided not to use herbicides to kill these anymore and are looking forward to cleaning this area of the pond up with a more environmentally friendly approach. Great products!!

Leif Himebauch, 
Adams, MN


My Koender’s ‘Bottom-Up’ Aeration System has been operating for over 7-8 years. We originally purchased the windmill to keep our fish healthy and pond oven over the winter, it does everything we asked for, plus, our pond is healthier than ever. Duck hunting is incredibly popular here in Illinois and keeping our pond open with Koender’s windmill aeration systems, keeps the ducks safe from coyotes and brings more ducks into the area.

In 8 years, we haven’t had to do ANY maintenance on the windmill. We are so happy with Koender’s Water Solutions!

David Stone, Vandalia, IL


 Nature's Pond Care Duck Hunting Winter

It is important to us as a recreational pond to have a place for ducks and geese to float around even during winter. Our Koenders’ HD450 Aeration system works great to keep a 65 foot diameter circle of unfrozen surface area open.  We are also glad we purchased the HD450 system with 2 diffusers, it pushes a lot more air than previous aeration systems that we have used. The more air the better, the water quality has improved substantially and it’s much cleaner.


Tom Dagleish -- Recreational Pond

Vernon, Ontario









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