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A Common Sense Guide to Pond Management

By Steve Fender of Fender's Fish Hatchery


Do you need help maintaining YOUR pond?


Trust the POND EXPERT: Steve Fender 

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Steve Fender-- Pond Expert and Owner of Fender's Fish Hatchery, one of the largest fish hatcheries in the mid-west with hundreds of acres of farm ponds under managment. Steve has been giving pond maintenance advice for over three decades and has thousands of customers who rely on his advice to keep thier ponds clean and fish healthy. 

"Healthy ponds are like lawns and gardens; you have to maintain them to keep them healthy. [This e-book] is a simple way that I can educate farm pond owner on the ways... to keep your pond healthy and clean, naturally, without the use of potencially harmful pond chemicals."

Steve Fender-- Fender's Fish Hatchery          

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