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Watch your fish grow and thrive in a clean and healthy environment.

NATURE’S POND™ For Recreation

If you are a lake or pond owner whose water is stocked with fish, you know how important it is to maintain a healthy aquatic environment for the health and growth of your fish. You also want to care for your fish in the safest, healthiest and most natural way possible.  You are what you eat so treating your water with toxic chemicals that your fish can ingest is not appealing to you nor is the idea of swimming in these same waters.

Nature’s Pond products work to create clean and clear pond water by adding needed oxygen, removing weeds and reducing excess nutrients like fish droppings, debris, run off and accumulated sludge that can impact the health of your water and fish.

Actual Customer Testimonial

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  Amazing Results-- 6-9 Months Later 
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Our complete line of Natural pond care products which include Nature’s Pond Conditioner, Nature’s Pond Aeration and Nature’s Pond Cutter N Rake:

  • Create clean, clear and odor free ponds
  • Improve water quality for larger, healthier fish
  • Reduce fish kill throughout the year
  • Increase oxygenation for healthy aquatic life
  • Are safe for the environment, wildlife and people
  • Are cost effective, sustainable and simple to use

How to get and keep your pond clean by Steve Fender


Steve Fender of Fender’s Fish Hatchery is the author of the award winning book "Farm Pond Management" a common sense guide to keeping ponds, and fish healthy. Steve has written volume 2 of his book that you can now download from our site. Fender’s Fish Hatchery is the largest and oldest fish Hatchery in the Mid-West since 1956. Steve is a fish pond expert that provides common sense advice from decades of experience.

Download the PDF to learn more about How To: Get and Keep Your Pond Clean...Nature’s Way



Nature's Pond™ 3-Step Natural Pond Care Program


Our All-in-One Pond Conditioner is simply the most effective, natural product on the market for achieving clean, clear, and healthy water.


Increase oxygen levels with Bottom-Up Aeration. It's a safe, natural and sustainable way to keep your pond or lake healthy and balanced.


Introducing Nature's Pond Cutter 'N' Rake, a 3-in-1 tool that cuts weeds and pulls and rakes them out of your water for good.


Winter Pond Fishing is Fun!
In September, before the water froze up, we treated the pond with Nature's Pond Conditioner to clean water so the fish stay healthy all winter. Throughtout the winter, we keep the trout healthy by using Koenders Aeration System. 
-Blair in Manitoba 
January 2019


Not only is it beautiful to look at but extremely functional!

We’ve had our windmill for over 15 years. It has aerated our pond keeping it weed free, the fish surviving and multiplying. Not only is it beautiful to look at but extremely functional. Your customer support has been outstanding. Thank you!

Kevin and Rhonda in Wisconsin 

October 2018



Windmills making waves across Ukraine!!

Koenders Windmills are being put up all across Ukraine, thanks to our friend there, Oleksandr Tukalov. He sent us some beautiful pictures of them. 

September 2018



Impressed with How Well it Works!

We have been using Nature’s Pond Conditioner for several years now to treat our large pond with great results and have since added one of the Koenders Aeration Windmills to add the additional aeration we felt our pond was missing. We are impressed how well it works to provide sufficient air to all 3 diffusers.

St Charles, MO


Drastic Difference in 7 Weeks!

We saw a drastic difference in 7 weeks. Installation went very well. We have been following the schedule you sent on pond conditioner and pond dye. The picture says it all. Couldn’t be happier.




Sam, Granbury TX 


Significant Improvement in the Water Quality

I have mainly been concerned about algae control. In the past we would use dangerous algaecides to keep the algae down in our water for we did not know or understand that there was a better, safer way  to keep our water clean.  We would just keep putting chemicals in our pond, over and over,  the algae would go away for a while and then come right back again and again.  We thought nothing of treating the water several times each season.  We now understand that this was not only dangerous but also not a sustainable way to keep our pond clean.

Then we discovered Nature's Pond 3 step program.  Since embracing this approach and switching to the Koender’s Water Solutions 3 Step Plan to pond maintenance; which involved using our pond rake to rake away as much algae and weeds as we could.   When the duck weed would blow to the side of the pond we would rake it out; aerate our pond with a Koender’s bottom up aeration windmill to add increased oxygen levels into the water;  applying the  Nature’s pond conditioner and Nature's Pond Dye treatment plan, the results speak for themselves.  

We have noticed a significant improvement in the water quality and our pond as you can see by the attached photos is clean and clear and we are not getting recurring algae formations like we used to when we used toxic algaecides. I am very happy with the results and it’s been much less labour intensive and costly than using pond chemicals.


Round Mountain, TX

Thanks for exceeding our expectations!

We installed our windmill aeration system about 15 years ago because we heard that aerating your pond with oxygen bubbles coming from the bottom up is the best way to keep the fish healthy all year round. 

We heard a lot about Koenders Windmills and so we decided to install a unit.  Koenders Windmill looks great and we really enjoy watching it turn and generate oxygen for our pond at no cost, it just keeps turning.  

Since installing this windmill we have done nothing to it for 15 years. We were told that we may need to do a little maintenance every 5-7 years which I thought was quite reasonable.  However, It's rare to have a manufacturer set lower expectations for their products than are actually achieved. 

This Koenders Windmill aeration system has kept our pond open in the winter and our fish healthy and happy all year round.  We have never had a fish kill and can tell you that we are extremely happy with Koenders products.  Thanks for exceeding our expectations!

Rich Rethamel

Perry, MI



Sue's Happy With the Campgrounds Lagoon

We have been using the Koenders Aeration Windmill and their Nature’s Pond Blend on our campground lagoon for less than a year and it is making a huge difference in the clarity of the lagoon water at our campground. Even this early in the season, I am able to see down almost 4 feet compared to no visibility last year at all. I haven’t measured our total suspended solids yet this year but have a filter installation planned for our pumps to address this. I will keep you posted!

The first photo was before and the next was just a few weeks after installing the windmill and putting in the Nature’s Pond Blend late in the fall. You can see it started to work right away.


Rideau Acres Campground

Kingston ON

Nature's Pond Care Program

Nature's Pond Conditioner and our Koenders Windmill Aeration system is a great combination for clean and clear water, which produces healthy and large rainbow trout !

Bryan, Pincher Creek, Alberta


20 Years and Going Strong!

We have a bee keeping farm east of Calgary and on our farm we have a recreational fish pond that we stock with trout.  

Our Koenders Windmill has been aerating this pond for over 20 years and it is only recently that we have had to do a little maintenance on it.  

This 2018 winter was a very long one, it was cold with lots of snow but thanks to our windmill aeration system there was no fish kill.  As you can see from the photos we catch some beautiful trout in our water.  

What a great product!

Jon, Calgary, Alberta

Switched from Chemical Treatments and is Happy!

We have a 3/4 acre pond that is 10-12 ft Deep.  In the past we have treated our water with chemicals (Algaecides and Herbicides) that we purchased from the local farm stores.  When we learned more about them we realized that we were sticking poison in our water to kill off aquatic vegetation.  The vegetation would always come back and in recent years we started getting a rust color in our water.  Nothing seemed to get rid of this brown rust color in our water including a weird oil film floating on top of the pond.   

We needed to try a different approach, that is when we learned about Nature's Pond Care program.  We have an aeration system in the pond and its a bottom up aeration unit so we learned that was important.   We then treated our water with Nature's Pond Conditioner.   The first year we did 3 treatments.  Once every 6 weeks or so, WOW!  what a difference! Our pond is finally clean and clear.

Amazing product, something that finally works to keep our pond healthy and clean. 

Thanks !

Mark Scofield, U.S.A. 

Windmill 15 Years and Maintenance Free!!

We have been aerating our pond on the farm with a Koenders Windmill Aeration System for 15 years and it has been maintenance free all this time.  So when we were looking to augment the aeration in the water about three years ago we decided to stay with the Koenders products because of the brand quality and reliability.   We installed a Koenders HD 250 Electric aeration system along with the windmill to help provide more aeration in the really hot months of summer because of all the trees that had grown up around the pond which had cut down the pond's wind exposure.  

 Our fish have always been in pretty good health from the aeration but we were still having to spend hours raking out weeds.  We do not believe in the use of toxic algaecides to kill off aquatic vegetation for a number of reasons, the least of which, we don't like the idea of catching fish out of a chemically treated pond and eating them. Nothing we tried seemed to work.  

 Finally, we learned about Nature's Pond Care program powered by Koenders Water Solutions. The process of bottom up aeration, nature's pond conditioner treatments and removing unwanted aquatic vegetation with a tool called "Cutter N Rake" made alot of sense so we started on the program 2 years ago. Last summer was the first time in years that I did not have to rake out weeds.  Our water is clean, clear and healthy and even the deer like to drink from it.  

We are also using your Nature's Pond Dye in between our Nature's Pond Conditioner treatments and it has done a great job as well.  Thanks for your commitment to the environment and to your customers.

 Robert Goetz ,Blissfield, MI.



Excellent Customer Service

I wish to thank you for the excellent service on ordering the crankshaft for my pump. People I dealt with were great and the service was outstanding, Thank you very much.  
Larry Templeman

We Just Love our Windmill!!

We have a pond that we use as a water source for irrigtaion and recreation.  
We built the pond over 10 years ago to collect the water from the mountain spring run off.  As the weather warms up in the summer the pond would become stagnated and full of algae. We not only had it clogging up the filters for the water pump but it also was a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

After some research we were confident that Koenders Water Solutions was the company to work with so we purchased a Koenders Windmill Aeration System to help ciruclate the water by using the airstone diffusers that are placed at the bottom of the pond.  They have done an amazing job of circulating and blowing additional oxygen into the water. This windmill has been working non-stop for the last 9 years and we just love it.  It has become our weather station and just a great ornamental feature in our back yard. When we feel like relaxing we go out on the back porch, put our feet up and just watch the windmill turn.
This windmill has given us so much enjoyment, not to mention functionality that we even purchased one for our father-in-law.
Brian Fishback,
Wilton, CA  


Who needs a vacation when your pond is this beautiful...

"I love the new product for our pond, the water is clear to the bottom. It looks blue in some spots as the Caribbean"

Glenda Wiedeman, 

Koenders Water Solutions, Thanks For Your Windmill!!

 In 2007, we had our pond turn over several times in one year.   We lost all our fish that year and the Fish Kill was in the hundreds.  It was so sad to see, our pond was littered with floating dead fish.  There were so many that at first I thought it was hundreds of duck feathers floating on the water. The next year we were determined to never have this happen again.  We installed a Koenders Windmill Aeration System.  Our windmill has done a flawless job of aerating our pond.

 Since installing this aeration system we have never had a fish kill again.  It works all year round to keep the fish healthy and pond clean.  During the winter months the windmill aeration keeps a hole of about 30 FT open in the middle of the pond.   This not only helps the fish but it also saves all the ducks from the coyotes.  The ducks are protected by the open water. They have become our pets and we enjoy watching them float around during the winter months and it nice to know that our pond is providing safety for them. 

A sincere thanks for your well designed windmill. 

Derrick Larsen, Warsaw, MO

Turning a farm pond into an oasis.

Here are some pics of my 1/2acre pond right now still in the middle of doing the landscaping around it. I've been following your schedule with the pond conditioner and the water quality has been great and no fish kills yet even with the hot spell we are having.

Blair Meyers, Mitchell MB

Using the Nature’s Pond treatments along with our Koenders HD450 electric aerator has definitely been the way to go!

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that your Pond Conditioner is working very well in my pond. I applied the dye recently, and was very impressed. There has been a good turnaround this year, and I have realised that your products are an important part of managing my pond year after year.

 I have been bragging to several pond owners near me and some of which are keen to get some pond conditioner and dye. – As you can see by the new dock in the water we like to swim and play in our pond so treating it with chemicals does not appeal to us. -  

 I hope you are keeping well, and your business is thriving as it should be!

Giles Sangster, Dock Star Inflatables, Port Perry, ON


The Water Has Never Been Cleaner

 We have a pond on our acreage that we use for house water and irrigation. The pond is approximately 100 FT in diameter and 12-15 ft deep. 

This pond has always given us problems -  the water would get smelly and the pond would be full of algae and weeds to a point that it would clog up all the filters going into the house. We had the hardest time maintaining this body of water and having a steady supply of useable house water that would not smell up the house and make our clothes all gray.

That was until the last couple of years when we started following the Nature's Pond Care program. We installed a Koenders Electric Aeration System in the pond and started treating the water with Nature's Pond Conditioner - the Spring/Summer formulation in summer and then the Fall/Winter blend in the early spring when the water was still cold. We also treated it one last time in the fall before winter freeze up. 

The water has never been cleaner. What a huge improvement to the past. The water does not smell and we don't have to worry about clogged filters for the pond is clean and clear now.

Great products - thanks !

Gary Nervas, Langenburg, SK


Your Products Never Stop Working !

We have a fish pond full of cat fish, bass, crappie and blue gill so it’s important that we keep our water healthy and clean so that we do not get disease spread or fish kill.

We turned to Koenders Water Solution products about 16 years ago, to help us ensure that our pond remains clean and fish healthy.

We installed a Koenders Windmill Aeration system way back then and have never done a thing to it.  It has been an extremely reliable and effective product and we are very happy with the results. 

Judy White, Marysville OH


Nature's Pond Care Program Works Great!!

Over 7 years ago we started using your Nature's Pond Care program. We have a fish pond with some beautiful rainbow trout in it and the body of water is approx 1 acre in size with an average depth of 12 ft.

Our pond was having issues with algae and weeds and so we wanted to make sure it was clean and healthy especially for the fish. We installed a Koenders Dual Diaphragm Windmill Aeration System and began our treatments of Nature's Pond Conditioner Spring Summer Blend in late Spring/Early Summer and then we treated it with 5 gal of Nature's Pond Conditioner Fall/Winter blend in the Fall.  

Our Pond has been clean and clear ever since. One year we did forget to get our treatments in the pond and all of a sudden the water started turning an awful green color. It did not take us long to remember what we needed to do. Within 7-10 days of our treatment with Nature's Pond Conditioner, the pond was back looking healthy and clean again.  

As for our windmill aeration system. It aerates the pond all year round. It is working well and we have done nothing to it during all this time. It just keeps pumping air into the pond!!. Great product and it costs us nothing to run. 

We are very happy with the products, the results and the service!

Sheldon Andrews, Shediac Cape, NB


Nature’s Pond Conditioner and Koenders Windmill Aeration - a truly effective combination!

I am a farmer who, in the last few years have decided to slow down on farming. My son now works the farm. To keep me busy, I decided a few years back to dig out a 2 acre pond so I could relax and enjoy.  

We installed a Koenders Windmill Aeration system to aerate the pond which did just great. We found though that we would still get a septic tank smell in the pond, along with an ugly brown color which prevented us from swimming and having fun in the pond.

We have a lot of run off and leaves coming into the water and figured that the aeration needed some additional help to clean up the water, so we decided to treat the water with Nature's Pond Conditioner and use it in combination with the aeration windmill.

Did it ever make a difference! The pond dye in your formula turns the pond a deep blue, green color keeping the natural beauty of the water and not turning it some terrible fake blue color.   

The blend of bacteria eats up all the leaves that are falling into the pond caused by all the trees on one side of the water. The conditioner seems to break up and consume all the leaves and other sludge in the bottom of the pond and it makes the water healthy and clear. It also gets rid of that awful smell.

Every year since, we’ve used your pond conditioner in combination with the Windmill and it works great!!!

Earl Karns, Kensington, Ohio


What a Great Combo!! Your products have been amazing!

Many years ago, we purchased an acreage a few hours north of Toronto which had a 1 acre pond on it.  We wanted to make sure that when I retired and had grand kids they would have a place to come visit, fish and have fun!!

To set upon this dream, we needed to make sure that the water in the pond would get cleaned up and the fish we put in it would survive and thrive.

To help us out we turned to Koenders Water Solutions.  We installed a Koenders Dual Diaphragm Windmill Aeration System ten years ago and it still looks brand new. In the winter months, this windmill keeps a 60 ft circle in the pond open. The fish stay healthy and the pond remains clean.  

I was also pleased at how easy this windmill was to install and assemble.  I remember thinking if you can do Lego then you can certainly put one of these together.  Thanks for delivering on your promises!!

Stephen Warner, Markdale, ON


 Clean, healthy water and no more fish kill!

We installed a Koenders Windmill Aeration System on our fish pond almost 20 years ago. Ourselves and everyone else around us were experiencing large fish kills and we wanted to put an end to it.  

Since installing our windmill aeration system we have never had a fish kill. The other benefit of having our windmill aerating our water is that it helps keep the water healthy and clean.  We do get some aquatic vegetation so we have used your Nature's Pond Conditioner as well.   Works well in combination with the aeration and its all natural which is great so we don't have to worry about it harming our fish.

Thanks for your great products and commitment to nature!!!

Joe Blandford  Lowell, IN


A joy to own this windmill

 I just want you to know what a joy this windmill has been to own...for its durability and how it improves the health of my pond.  It's been standing here 7-8 years and I've done nothing to it. So I don't feel bad about having to finally replace the diaphragm now.  Thanks again.

Dennis Rex   Auburn, NY


Our Koenders Windmill "Works Like A Champ!!!"

We have a 1 acre fish pond that had been giving us a lot of problems. The pond would be full of milfoil and duck weed every year and after wrestling with this pond for several years, we decided to purchase a Koenders Windmill Aeration System.  

Within 90 days we started seeing our pond clearing up. Our pond is now stocked with bass, blue gill, crappie and trout and the windmill aeration has done a fabulous job of keeping these fish healthy and clean. 

Thanks for a great product that has been working flawlessly since we installed it !

Matthew Petersen, Yakima, WA


Pond Study: Nature’s Pond Care Program is a clear winner!

We are a crop farmer of canola and lentils in Saskatchewan, Canada.   To irrigate our crops we draw water from two surface ponds/dugouts on our farm, and each pond holds over 1 million gallons of water.  

Last year we conducted a study on the farm.  On one pond we followed your Nature's Pond care program by installing a Koenders Windmill Aeration system and treating the water with Natures Pond Conditioner. We did not do anything to the other pond.

The difference between the ponds was miraculous!!!   

The pond that we selected to treat was crystal clear and no longer murky at all.  We did not have any issues with our sprayers which in the past were clogging all the time.  Our crops were healthy and harvest went along smoothly.

As for the other pond that we did not choose to treat, it was a worse mess than usual! The algae and weeds were so bad that we could not even suck water out of the pond.  The constant plugging of filters became too onerous and we decided to only use the pond that we treated with your Nature's Pond Care program.

We just purchased our Nature's Pond Conditioner for 2017 and will be looking at another windmill to install on this 2nd pond.

Mike Deobald, Stone Barn Farm, Hodgeville, SK


Windmill sure makes our fish grow fast and healthy!

We installed our Koenders Windmill over 12 years ago. We just recently purchased a maintenance repair kit for this unit but until then have not had to do any maintenance.   Many of our neighbors struggle to keep healthy fish in their ponds and we always tell them to get a Koenders Windmill to aerate it. Wow, do the fish ever grow well when you have one of these aeration systems!

Three years ago we stocked our pond with Yellow Perch and at that time these fish were 3 inches long. Within 3 years these fish are all over 12 inches long and we never had a fish kill during this whole time. 

This Koenders Windmill has been one of our best investments ever!

James Traynor, Goetzville, MI


The program has outstanding results!

I have been using the Nature’s Pond Program for a little over a year now and the results are outstanding! Every year I used to have to rake off all the floating mossy looking algae (filamentous algae) and it wasn’t easy as there was algae from about 6 feet out and beyond covering the entire surface of the water. I would have to wait for windy day until it would float near the edge of the pond and then hall it off, which isn’t fun nor easy. I know I have a problem pond, as it is next to neighbouring cattle farms which really creates an excess of nutrients in the pond that results in my water quality issues.

I was talking to my uncle one day that also has a pond and was explaining to him the problems with my pond and the work involved to keep it clean. He had recommended that I try Nature’s Pond Conditioner as it had worked wonders for his pond and I am SO glad he did, the Nature’s Pond Conditioner works great! I went from having an algae covered pond to almost no algae. I just bought another bottle of Nature’s Pond Conditioner today, and I plan to add Nature’s Pond Conditioner each year to prevent the algae from coming back.

Mark Riley, Villa Ridge, MO


Windmill has been running since 1989!!old black and white windmill photo

In 1989 we purchased our first Koenders windmill which was installed to aerate our fish pond that we had dug out a year earlier. This windmill has worked so well that we even bought another one off a fellow that had installed one of these windmills in the middle of a forest.  He told me that it did not work very well.   I explained to him that you need it to catch the wind in order for it to work well and that the middle of the forest is not such a great place to have a windmill installed.   

So I ended up with two of these windmills aerating my fish pond and we have never had any issues with the water. The fish have always stayed healthy and we have never had a fish kill! Our Koenders windmills have been working amazing and they just keep running like a champ.   The only maintenance that we have done is simply changed the diaphragms on them every 7-10 years. I will stand behind your products no matter what.  They last forever!!

Thanks for the great service and support over the years.  Your team is knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about what you do. 

Tom Rowe, Britton, MI


Your program cleaned our pond in 30 days! 

Before using Koenders double diaphragm aeration windmill and Natures Pond Conditioner my pond had a thick layer of algae growth 2 inches below the surface. As well, the water was turning black, as it was becoming septic. About 30 days after pouring in Koender’s Nature’s Pond Conditioner and getting the Koenders double diaphragm aeration windmill set-up and working, the water cleared right up, my pond water is clear now, it was phenomenal!.

Bernie Gorski, Colchester Ridge Estate Winery. Harrow, ON


We love our windmill! 

12 years ago we dug our own fish pond.  It is 1/2 acre in size and up to 15 ft deep in some places.  We designed it with an island in the middle and water on all sides. We immediately installed a Koenders Windmill that has been running for 12 years straight with absolutely no maintenance, and have now just recently ordered a maintenance repair kit.   

We stock our pond with bass, perch and blue gill and we have enjoyed how the pond brings us closer to nature.  Our pond remains healthy and clean and we have never had a fish kill during all these years.  We are very satisfied with the performance of our Koenders Windmill and has certainly lived up to its expectations.  

Jack Mueller, Seymour, WI


The best product ever made!

Your Koenders Windmills are the best product ever made! They are incredible, invincible as well. We live on the side of a mountain and we get really high winds and it is still standing strong.  It keeps our pond really clean and our koi fish healthy.  We started with only 15 koi fish when we installed the windmill 18 yearrs ago, now we have about 400 koi that have spawned from those original 15 Koi! I attribute it all to my Koenders aeration windmill. I see other ponds in my area and their fish don’t last more than 2-3 years, and in my opinion it's because they are not using a Koenders windmill.

I have had my windmill for 18 years now and I haven’t had to do anything to it except change one bearing.  I just found out today when I spoke to one of their sales reps that there is a maintenance kit for it - I hadn’t heard of it because I havent had any need for it it has been working so well!

Sandy Jones, Westville, NS 



A beautiful sight! windmill with sunset

I thought I would send you a few pictures of the windmill aeration system that we bought from Nature’s Pond powered by Koenders Water Solutions.  It is aerating perfectly, we just love it.  During Christmastime we had it all lit up and we have had so many people stop and take pictures!  The sunsets at our place are beautiful so can hardly wait to get some summer pictures of them.   Thanks for everything!

Joan Fetterly, Kemptville, ON









Revive your pond with no operating costs! 

We have been using your Koenders Windmill Aeration System to revive our pond for over 15 years. Before that we were getting some severe fish kills and so we decided to purchase this windmill, as it does not require electricity to run it.

Since installing this aeration system we have never had a fish kill.  The fish are very healthy and we have some pretty big fish now living in our 1/2 acre fish pond.   The pond is stocked with Small and Large Mouth Bass, Catfish, Crappie and Bluegill.

The windmill has been maintenance free for all this time.  The only thing that we have done is greased the swivel head once every few years. This has been a great way for us to keep our fish healthy and revive our pond with $0 operating costs for over 15 years.    This year we invested in a maintenance repair kit for the windmill that was less than $80.  I am happy with that!!

James Corbett,
Laurelville, OH


I've never seen my pond so clean!

I purchased both your Nature’s Pond Conditioner and Aeration windmill this year for the first time, they work great. I was amazed, I have never seen my  pond look so clean. I will definitely be getting more of the Nature’s Pond next year, both the Spring/Summer Edition and the Fall/Winter edition.

Frank Zoratto, Tottenham, ON


Nature's Pond Care Program Works Miracles!

Last year I purchased the Koender’s HD electric aeration system and Nature’s Pond Conditioner.  Admittingly I doubted that this solution would take care of my pond because nothing else I have tried ever has, so I didn't expect any miracles when I bought the products.

After following Nature's Pond Care program this past summer I am very impressed with the results. The difference between what my pond looked like in the past to how clean it looks now is nothing short of miraculous, my pond is now crystal clear.  The fish are looking much healthier too. Thanks again, your natural pond program is great!

John Gregson, Chase, BC


Koenders Water Solutions Products for Organic Farmers!

Our farm is situated in East Central Alberta in Flagstaff County, northwest of Killam. The farm is holistically and organically managed. We believe that if the land is managed well, it will reflect on the health of the plant communities, resulting in healthy, nutritious and great tasting meats.

We have been using a Koenders Aeration windmill for about 20 years. It has worked great to keep our pond clean resulting in healthy fish and drinking water for our animals.

We employ sustainable production systems that reduce or eliminate synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and conserve soil and water. Nature's Pond Products powered by Koenders Water Solutions Inc have contributed to our system as we don’t have to use any harmful chemicals to maintain our pond's healthy water.

We recommend Koender’s aeration windmills to anyone that comes through our farm tours.

Don Ruzicka, Ruzicka Sunrise Farm, Killam, AB


We love our Unipole! unipole photo

Our new Unipole is working well, and looks so good,  We are looking forward to using Nature's Pond Conditioner as well to help us clean up our pond. Thanks for your help!

Mark Morris , Port Perry, ON







Thriving fish pond!

We installed our Koenders Windmill Aeration System two years ago and started using Natures Pond Conditioner at the same time as part of your Nature's Pond Care Program. The combination of the two has helped clean up our pond dramatically and it is cleaner and healthier now then ever before.
We have catfish, bass and perch in our pond and all fish are in really healthy shape as well. In fact, as I sit here in the back yard watching over my large fish pond I see two bass jumping.

I still am getting some lily pads growing in the water and have tried to cut them off from my boat but am not able to get them from the root so they keep growing back. I look forward to receiving the Cutter ‘N’ Rake so I can take care of these lily pads once and for all.  I much prefer the approach you have suggested by cutting and raking them out of the pond as opposed to treating them with a toxic herbicide to kill them off.  Thanks again! 

Roger Kavanasky, Huffman, TX


Keeping our filters and sprinkler heads clean!

We have been having issues in our dugout that we use for crop irrigation. The algae has been clogging up our filters and sprinkler heads and it has become a real nuisance. We wanted to use natural products to treat the water for it is being used for our crops and wanted to make sure that they stayed healthy, and whatever treatment we use was natural and would not harm them. We tried one product that was recommended to us by a retailer but it was a real problem and caused more harm then good. We discovered Nature’s Pond Conditioner, and it has been doing a great job of eating up the sludge and muck. It is keeping our water clean and we have not had any sprayers clog up. Safe and natural is always the best way to go!

Murray Wheeler, Carlyle, SK


Good Units That Work!

Our first Koenders Electric Aeration system was installed in 2007 and it has worked 24/7 ever since. I really believe that the aeration system has kept my fish alive and helps keep the ponds clean.   This older unit has worked so well that a few years ago I installed an HD 250 for my 1.5 acre pond.  It has done a really great job as well!!

Jerry Vickers, 
Ottawa, KS


Really great product! 

You guys have a really great product. The salesman I dealt was really professional and knowledgeable as well. Before I started Nature's Pond Care program powered by a Koender’s Double Diaphragm windmill aeration system our pond water was just terrible, it smelled like sewage water and a lot of algae and muck. To give you an idea of how thick the algae was I could lay a small skipping stone on top of it and it wouldn’t sink. The fish all died, if we tried stocking more they would just turn up dead in a couple of days. I knew that something had to be done, so we dredged out the pond and followed Nature's Pond Care program by first installing the Koenders Double Diaphragm Windmill aeration system.

It’s been 3 years now and the water pond looks so clear you would think you could drink out of it. It was a 100% turnaround. The fish that we now stock have grown to be very healthy, in fact the Koi fish we put in were only 4 inches size, weighing only a couple of ounces each.   This same fish are now 14 inches and weigh 10-12 lbs.

Mark Bauer, Little Rock, AR


Your aeration systems help keep our trout ponds clean!

Reviving your ponds with aeration is so important and your pond care program has definitely chosen the right products to power it! We have used both the Koenders Electric Aeration Systems and Windmill Aeration Systems for close to 20 years.  

We have 3 fish ponds on our farm which we have stocked each year with close to a 1000 speckled and rainbow trout. Locals here in the Ottawa Valley come and fish here all summer long, and we also held fly fishing lessons here at the farm ponds.   

These aeration systems are truly amazing.  Our 2 Koenders electric aeration systems have run pretty well maintenance free all this time except for the odd maintenance every 6-8 years.  The windmills are just as remarkable.  One of them has been in operation from the early 1990s and is still pumping air.  We are only now changing out the bearings and the diaphragm on one of them after all this time.  

These units have helped our fish do very well due to the higher oxygen level and we have never experienced a fish kill due to the aeration.

Joe Ortmann, Pembroke, ON


Your stuff works, it really works!

Last year we decided that enough was enough and we needed to start taking care of our 1-acre pond. This pond was a mess, full of green scum, algae and muck.  All the fish had died off except for the little fingerlings. We also use the water for some of our household uses and it was so smelly that when it came out of the faucet it would stink like rotten eggs.

We decided to follow your Nature's Pond Care program. The first thing we did was install a Koenders Windmill Aeration System, and then at the same time as installing the windmill we treated the water with Nature's Pond Conditioner.  Within a week or so we started to see some improvements in the health of our water. 

I never realized this but at one end of our pond there is actually a sandy beach, we thought it was just mud! The water has stopped smelling and our fish are growing. A year later I am seeing some 1 lb bass in our pond. The pond is now clean and clear and we can swim in the water this year.  

I just purchased our annual treatment of Nature's Pond Conditioner to ensure that our pond remains clean and healthy. Finally, something that works!

Paul Brunet, Stevensville, ON


Your natural program cleaned up our pond and it looks great!! 

Before we started with your program our pond was very scummy looking. Our pond is 300 X 300 and 25-30 FT deep and it really needed to be cleaned up if we were going to use it for recreational purposes.

With the help and expertise of Koenders Water Solutions team we designed a pond care program to help get our pond back to a state that we could enjoy it once again. We installed a Koenders Windmill Aeration System and treated the water with Nature's Pond Conditioner.

Once we did this our pond started getting cleaner and healthier. We were able to even swim in our pond last summer something that we would never think of doing in the past. This year we are putting fish in it.  

Kevin Semple, Listowel, ON


Kissack Before and After Photo

So impressed with your products!

I am so impressed with the significant changes your products have made to the quality of my little fishing hole. I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am with the results since installing our windmill and began using Nature’s Pond Conditioner. Instead of an old beat up dugout we now have a spectacular beach that the whole family enjoys! I would recommend your product to anyone, anytime.

Dave Kissack, Winnipeg, MB









Success with your Nature’s Pond Care Program!

Your team was extremely helpful in providing us with the right solution for our pond! We had a pond that was so overgrown that we decided to redo it, contractors dug it out and we started over. This time we wanted to make sure we did it right so we contacted your Nature's Pond Care team. 

Your indicated to us that we needed bottom up aeration and Nature's Pond Conditioner.  It was decided that we would go with a Koenders Windmill Aeration System for the bottom up aeration portion of the solution.  We then treated the water with both Natures Pond Conditioner Fall/Winter blend and Spring/Summer blend.

I am happy to report that our pond is nice and clean without the problems of the past. This year we have no algae and weeds thanks to your natural pond care program. My neighbor has a pond that is a mess and he will be contacting you this year to get started with your program now that he has seen how well it has worked for us. Have a great summer!

Wayne Steers, Wainfleet, ON


Nature’s Pond Care Program – it works!

Thanks for your advice and support on getting our pond back to its natural beauty.  Last year we called your company in search of a natural solution to clean up our dirty and mucky pond.  Our 1/4 acre pond that is about 14 FT deep was:
- full of algae and weeds
- the bottom of the pond was all mucky
- the water was brown and dirty
- fish were unhealthy and gasping for air

One year later after installing your Koenders Windmill Aeration System and treating our pond with Nature's Pond Conditioner.  Our pond is now;
- much cleaner and clearer
- fish are more active and healthy
- algae and weeds are no longer in our water

We can now use our pond for what we had it built for - FUN. We have teenagers that are now able to bring their friends over and jump off the dock and swim in the pond. My wife and I are even taking dips in the pond when it gets really warm, and she also enjoys floating on her air mattress in the water.

We just purchased this year’s supply of Nature's Pond Conditioner to make sure the water remains clean and clear during 2016. Thanks again for your great customer service and support!

Mike Boulard,
Stevensville, ON


Deeper Natural Color!

We started using your Natures Pond Care program 5 years ago to help clean up our 1/3 acre ornamental pond. We installed a Koenders Windmill Aeration system to provide additional oxygen to the water and have been doing the treatments of Nature's Pond Conditioner two times each year.  

This program has definitely helped in reducing the amount of algae and weeds that we used to get in the water. We switched from just using the pond dye from another vendor because we could not stand looking at the fake blue color of our pond after the treatments. Nature's Pond Conditioner does not do that to our water yet it gives it a deeper natural color which we prefer!

Barbara and Stuart Robertson, Vankleek Hill, ON


Your program works amazing!!

We have been aerating our dugout that is used for house water for the last several years but nothing has seemed to help us get rid of the smell and awful dark color of the water during the winter months. Washing clothes was needed to be done in town on a weekly basis and our showers were not very enjoyable with dark smelly water coming through the pipes.

Last year we decided to try Nature's Pond Conditioner in combination with pond aeration and I am happy to report that for the first time ever we had clean non-smelling water in our house last winter! Doing laundry trips to town are now a thing of the past and our water for showers is clean and clear with no smell.

Today, we just purchased our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter treatments of Nature's Pond Conditioner for the season!

Catherine Werboweski, Spirit River, AB


Really Good Unit!!

Our Sportman's Fishing and Hunting Association in Delano, PA installed a Koenders Electric Aeration System just over 10 years ago. It was installed to keep our fish healthy and avoid fish kill when ice freeze up occurs. We keep this unit running full time for 9-12 months out of every year and it has run really well for us all this time. The pond looks great and we have not had a fish kill since installing the aeration system. Very low energy consumption and pumps enough oxygen for us to run up to 2 air diffusers in the pond.

In the 8th year of operation we changed the belt on the unit and other than that it has worked really nicely. I understand that Koenders has new HD electric aeration systems and we will look forward to trying one of those units out if ours ever needs a replacement. I can't believe it is still working for us after all this time!!

Barry Bittner,

Bearshead Sportsman Association, Delano, PA


Thanks for keeping our ponds clean!

We have two fish ponds on our land in Kansas and have been aerating the older one with a Koenders Windmill Aeration system for several years. In the last few years we have been using Nature’s Pond Conditioner to ensure the ponds stay healthy and clean. The combination of aeration and Nature’s Pond Conditioner has done a good job for us over the years. We like the conditioner because it is safe for our fish, one pond has Bass, BlueGill, Crappie and the new pond has Koi in it. Thanks for keeping our ponds clean!

Bill Spires, Spires Land and Cattle, Ranson, KS


My pond is so clear and clean we can see right to the bottom!

Your Nature's Pond Care 3 step program has been doing an incredible job of keeping our 20 FT deep, 1-acre fish pond clean and clear. 8 years ago we installed a Koenders Water Solutions Single Diaphragm Windmill.  The windmill has been working extremely well and we have not had a fish kill since it was installed. The windmill just keeps going all year round - pumping air into the pond using the power of the wind! It’s nice to have no electricity bills.

3 years ago we starting using annual treatments of Nature's Pond Conditioner. One year we did 2 treatments because of the nutrient load in our water, but traditionally because we are in a colder state so one 5-gallon treatment seems to do the job.   It has been eating away at all the sludge and muck as well as consuming any of the additional run off that accumulates in the pond.

This winter we were ice fishing and we could see to the bottom of the pond; this was at about 15 feet deep.  We have blue gill, walleye, crappie, bass, and perch in the pond and its important we not only keep our water clean but also keep the fish healthy and we do this by using your natural pond care program.   My favorite fish to catch are the walleye and they are growing to about 18 inches in size.

This year we purchased one of your cutter N Rakes so that we can remove some weeds in the shallow areas of the pond.  We have decided not to use herbicides to kill these anymore and are looking forward to cleaning this area of the pond up with a more environmentally friendly approach. Great products!!

Leif Himebauch, 
Adams, MN


Huge reduction in muck and weeds!

Since installing Koenders HD electric aeration at our lake front property we have noticed a significant reduction in the amount of muck, silt and weed growth. This is important due to the water issues we face as a result of the high nutrient load in the water, which was making swimming here uncomfortable and somewhat dangerous.

I placed a couple of the airstone diffusers around my dock, which has kept silt and algae from growing on the side of my boat. This was a pleasant surprise! The Koenders HD 450 Electric Aeration system produces so much air we get a ridiculous amount of fish around the dock. My grandson actually got bored of fishing off our dock, I think he caught about 23 fish in an hour!  Installing the HD450 has definitely been a great investment for us.

Ray Duff, Trent Severn Waterway, Lakefield, ON


High output and low energy consumption!

The Koenders HD250 Electric Aeration system is fantastic! It was an easy and quick installation, and it pumps a lot of air! We have our unit on a timer set to run about 10 hours per day, and the energy draw on this system is so minimal I only pay about $5 per month to operate it. If anyone is unsure about getting one of your electric aeration systems have them call me. I am going to add another air diffuser to this unit in the spring! 

Edward Dillon, Fairview, AB


No more winter fish kills!

“We are using one of the Nature’s Pond HD 450 Electric Pond Aerators to aerate all 3 of our ponds. The main reason we bought this aeration system is to help keep the fish alive as the ponds are used for recreational fishing. We have constantly battled with fish kills every winter, as once the water freezes over, it doesn’t thaw until mid-late April and that’s just too long for our trout to be without dissolved oxygen.

The aeration system provides a significant volume of air and the one unit is keeping all 3 of our 100 X 50ft ponds open and unfrozen during the winter. We haven’t had any more fish kills since we installed our Nature’s Pond aeration system!”

Greg Calhoun, Recreation Fish Ponds, Tara, ON


Nature's Pond Care helps to keep our greenhouse plants healthy!

"We have been using Nature’s Pond HD 250 Electric Pond Aeration System for a while now and we love it! It keeps the water clean and the biofilm down, which is important to us to keep the plants healthy."

Ian Adamson, Greenbelt Greenhouse, Gormley, ON


Nature's Pond Care Program is a MIRACLE!!!!

"I want you to know that this all-natural pond care program that you have created is amazing! Almost immediately after starting your pond care program we noticed a difference in our pond. It was like an overnight transformation. No one can believe the difference your products have made on our pond.

BEFORE: Our pond had such a bad odor to it that if you put your hand in the water it would smell for days afterwards.   Also, our water was so black and murky that you couldn’t see more than 2 feet down. Our pond had so much sludge built up on the sides and bottom-- I would estimate over 1ft of pond sludge was present.  

AFTER: After using your products the bad smell was gone in a matter of weeks. Our quarter acre pond is about 20FT deep and we can now see right to the bottom of it. During the winter months we continue to aerate the pond. The aerator leaves a portion of the pond unfrozen which allows any gases to be vented out and prevents the terrible smell from returning in the Spring. The sludge around the edges of the pond is pretty well all gone compared to when we started this process several months ago.

SOLUTION: We purchased a 5 gallon container of Nature's Pond Conditioner to start the process.  Our pond is only a quarter acre but it is very deep and was in very bad condition so we wanted to have at least a few treatments worth of the product. We also installed a Single Diaphragm ‘Bottom-Up’ Windmill Aeration System and chose to add 50ft of weighted airline and a freeze control system. Both of which have made set up and maintenance much easier.

MOVING FORWARD: I have another pond on my property that is in poor condition, almost as bad as the pond I just treated. We will be purchasing another Koenders Windmill Aeration System this year and treating our pond with Nature's Pond Conditioner.

Thanks for the great program for our Pond!"

Barry Fowell, Carroll, MB


Koender’s ‘Bottom-Up’ Aeration Windmills for Duck Hunting and world class fishing in Nebraska.

“We were looking for an aeration system to keep our pond clear and our fish healthy. We settled on a Koender’s ‘Bottom-Up’ Windmill Aeration System-- it worked better than we ever imagined.

Our pond was leased by High Plains Sportsman Club with over 300 members, some who come from over 250 miles away to fish and dunt ducks from our pond. Having a ‘Bottom-Up’ Aeration System kept our pond open over the winter. Having an area of open water cause more ducks to come to our property and made them more predictable for the hunters. We had so many marge, healthy fish that we received the designation of ‘Master Angler’ in Nebraska, which we believe is largely due to our Koender’s Windmill.

In the 11 years that we owned that pond, we never had any maintenance. We have since sold that pond. The High Plains Sportsman Club in Colorodo now owns it.

We’ve since purchased 3 new windmills for our new property.”

Ted Slagle, Ogallala, NE


Nature's Pond Care Program Works! 

"We used to have problem ponds that would get a tremendous amount of algae and weeds every summer. Then a few years ago we installed 3 Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems in conjunction with Nature's Pond Conditioner.

Since installing our aeration systems and using Nature's Pond Conditioner it's kept the water clean and healthy. I have been following the program for 3 years now, and it's unreal how clear the water is, the fish are healthy( Blue Gill & Bass) and I can see several feet down, something that I could never do before. In the past we would also get all sorts of ugly aquatic vegetation around the sides of the pond. This hasn't reappeared either and we have been told if it does, to simply rake it out which makes a lot of sense. There are a lot wineries in my area and one of my ponds is alongside a fairly busy road. We are always having people stop to ask if it is the winery that makes our pond so clear. I tell them its Nature's Pond Care Program"

Richard A Nitz, Baroda, MI


Nature's Pond Care-- Safe for Me and my Fish! 

"We have been using the Koenders LD 1.5 electric aerator for 2 years and it's been working wonderfully. I have about 60 koi fish in my shallow pond and it's a great feeling knowing that my aerator keeps my fish and pond healthy and clean. I am very happy with my Koenders product!"Natures pond conditioner -- koi pond

Lenny M, Longwood, FL









pond care, electric aeration


Nature's Pond Care Program Works!!!

"We are so happy that we took a leap of faith and followed this program. Our pond is about 1/3 acre in size and 5-6 ft deep. We use our pond for swimming and fishing and it is a huge part of our family's summer recreation. Until about 1 month ago we thought that our summer would be ruined until we contacted Koenders Water Solutions and learned about Nature's Pond Care program.  At that time our pond was 80% covered with green thick moss floating on the surface of the pond. 


As you can see by the photos that we have sent it is 100X better. Within 2-3 weeks of starting the Nature's Pond Care program our pond has been restored back to its natural beauty and we were even able to have our whole family over for July 4th 

pond care electric aerator 2celebrations. Its just awesome to look outside and see our beautiful pond.

As per the program, we installed an HD series Bottom up Electric Aeration system and installed 3 airstone diffusers because its not that deep, you can see the aeration bubbles coming up in each area of the pond. We then applied Nature's Pond Conditioner as per recommended quantities. We also worked at removing unwanted aquatic vegetation instead of just killing it off. This 3 step program provided us with amazing results, as you can see by the photos attached. I am so glad we did this!!!"

Sheena Tegeler, Tilden, Nebraska





Koenders Windmill  "Bottom Up Aeration" has REVIVED our Pond for over 17 years!!

"We installed a Koenders Windmill - bottom up aeration system over 17 years ago and for all that time we have done nothing to it.  We live in West Texas where the wind never stops and a 20 MPH wind is nothing where we live.  Heavy winds, industrial strength hail,  no matter what the weather throws at it, our windmill keeps on aerating our 1/4 acre fish pond.  

This windmill and tower structure is so strong and well engineered that we once had a tornado twist the trees about 20-30 FT from our windmill and the structure stood up to it just fine.  We have tried different pond treatments to work with our windmill aeration system but in the past they have caused all our fish to die.    Its nice that Koenders Water Solutions has launched Nature's Pond Care Program and Nature's Pond Conditioner to help keep our pond healthy and clean in a way that is safe for fish, animals and pets.  We look forward to using it with our aeration windmill because the last few years we have been looking for all natural treatment and this all-in one treatment is just what our water needs.

Your products are as good as your service!!  We love your products!"

Jim Doucette -- Rancher and Writer

Lockney, TX


Koender's Products keep up with the Demands of my Business! 

“We currently have three windmills used for pond aeration. I am amazed that they have been in service with no problems for over 12 years now. Our pond water is used for irrigation, so having clean water without the use of harmful chemicals is exactly what we need. Our Koender’s Windmills has helped our company greatly.

We also have a Koender’s ‘bottom-up’ electric aeration system that is used in a Albers Alligator 33,500 gallon water tank. It’s necessary to keep our tank’s water aerated and circulating. Our electric aerator has been in service for over 8 years. Again, Koender’s high quality products have exceeded our expectations.

Take my word for it, you don’t need to look further than Koender’s Water Solutions for high quality, long lasting pond and aeration solutions for your business.”

Mike Williams -- Y-C Nurseries Inc.

Dallas, TX


Koenders is a great outfit!

"I love your products. I have had a Koender's Windmill Aeration System for 12 years and I haven’t had to do any maintenance. It has performed as promised. We have had some rough winds come through and it has held up. My pond's algae is controlled and my fish have flourished!“

John Adams

South Kortright, NY


We are just very pleased  with our Koenders Windmill Aeration Systems

"Very pleased! We didn’t realize how much wind we had until we got our Koenders windmill, the slightest breeze the windmill is aerating. The water has cleared up, the fish are happy; we are catching bigger fish. 

I was skeptical on the windmills when I was reading the testimonials, as they were all from the North, but it works great here in the South,  we are amazed how well it works. If you have anyone in the South that would like to come see it, we would be happy to show them.”

Jayne Ard,

Latta, South Carolina


Nature's Pond Care Program is Working!!

We have had a Koenders Windmill Aeration systems for over 20 years - it has done a very good job of keeping our fish healthy during the hot summer and cold winter months.  However, in  recent years our pine trees have all grown so high that they are starting to block the wind.  

Our pond is fairly large, over an acre in size, so we decided to install a Koenders HD 250 bottom up electric aeration system to support the windmill's performance in order to provide adequate oxygen to the pond.

We have started to get aquatic vegetation over the last few years so this year we started using Nature's Pond Conditioner along with our bottom up aeration systems.   The proof is always in the results and so far we are very impressed with the condition of the pond - it looks a lot better than it has in the last several years. Looking forward to sharing the results with you next year as we continue to follow your 3 step Nature's Pond Care program.

Robert Goetz

Blissfield, Michigan


Nature's Pond Care Program Works Great!!

“3 years ago my pond had 1-2 inches of think algae all across my 1/4 acre  pond, I decided to follow Nature's Pond Care program.  Within 2-3 weeks after installing my Koenders Windmill Aeration System and  treating my water with Nature’s Pond Conditioner all that thick algae was gone and has never come back” We are very happy with your program!!


Wayne Wolfe

Hampton, NB